Better ways for busy professionals to learn a language

9 Best Language Learning tools

I could list many reasons why learning a language can be useful. I bet you already know them all, let's focus today on the best resources that can help you achieve your goals. 1- DUOLINGO * Duolingo helps you start learning some of the most basic expressions you would use when visiting a...


How to fuel your language learning over time.

People usually start learning a new language with high level of enthusiasm to only see it withers over time. The reason is just because the level of motivation fizzles away. There are two types of motivation and these are called internal and external. You are internally motivated when the...


How repetitions over several days influence memory

Researchers in cognitive psychology have always been in search of the perfect learning strategies for optimum results: approaches that optimise learning, enhance memory performance and reduce forgetting. [Pashler, Roher ,Cepeda, Carpenter] The debate has been for a long time whether spreading...


Words and fluency: What's the relation?

People often ask me how fast can they start expressing themselves in their target language, how many words should they know so they can easily have a conversation. The answer is not that simple and I'll explain why. When learning a new language, the words that you encounter and study for the...


Best Time before Bedtime? Effect of Sleep on Improved Language Learning.

When learning, we all want to have a magic wand and quickly assimilate all the material for our final exams; but we are all aware that this is a fool's dream. We have to invest hard work ( time, patience, and commitment ) to reap the benefits. Still we would like to optimise our learning...


7 Practical Tips for Language learners

In the past blog posts I have been focusing mainly in the science behind learning which is important if we are serious about acquiring a new skill. Today I thought I should give you a few practical tips that can help you optimise your experience at learning a new language. Click to...


5 Easy Ways to Successful Language Learning

Most of us have a very hectic life trying to juggle work, family commitments, other activities and not much time is left spare. I know what is like from experience as a junior Doctor and as a consultant working at one of the best private hospital in Mexico City. After a long shift not...


Why people learning a second language fail

Most people learning a second language start with enthusiasm and after a few weeks it withers and the language book or the program bought or even the one to one course gets forgotten. " I've been there " I here you say". It happens because most books and courses follow the traditional methods...