Learning a foreign language brings a multitude of benefits to the learner,

ranging from the delayed onset of Alzheimer, to being more tolerant as you

learn to have a deeper understanding of other cultures.

From the 6 500 languages spoken in the world, if you plan to study just one as

a foreign language let it be English and I’ll explain why.

The most important reason is that you will have more job opportunities if you

speak English.

If you wish to work in one of the major world organisations and multinational

businesses, English is a must. In some countries like Japan, English is the only

language spoken by employees in some organisations who want to be considered as global.

Hiroshi Mikitani, internet entrepreneur, pointed out when he was interviewed in 2012, that “if you want to become successful in other countries, you need to internationalise the headquarters”. Speaking English is part of it.

English is spoken by 400 million people around the world, and is an official language in 53 countries. One in five people in the world speaks or understands English. Because of this, English is useful when travelling.

No matter where you are, you will always find someone who speaks a certain degree of the language, making communication much easier.

In most countries that use different type of alphabet, all the signs are written in English as well. Restaurant and hotel employees speak English. The airports and train stations give announcements in English, making it a very useful language to master.

English is not difficult to learn. German and Scandinavian languages are somehow related to English, and English has borrowed 45% of its words from French.

On the other hand, there are lots of free materials on the internet in English, so that at times guidance is necessary to decide which ones are the best for learning.

English is paramount if you’re studying sciences. Most scientific works are published in English, and it’s mandatory for medical students around the world to study English alongside their other subjects.

English is excellent for the travel and hospitality industry. In this sector, English is the number one language.

So why wait, just 30 minutes of consistent studying a day and the door to the world will be wide open for you to explore.

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