Access to the best language instructors and programs is important, and time is mainly what every aspiring language learner lacks. You should then design a method to get you through all available options and choose the course that suits your needs best.

It is important to turn inwardly and identify the best way for you to learn; in a nutshell the method that helps you gain new knowledge with the least effort.

Everyone has specific needs, and you must recognise what you want from an online course that fits your requirements and adapts easily to the way you enjoy learning.


There is a myriad of language materials on the internet. Most of them are free, but you should spend time curating them and this task is often daunting as you may ignore what will work and what won’t. There are also paid language courses that are affordable and will help you reach your goals.

Easy access.

If you are always on the go, moving around because of your job, you will need a course that allows you to work from anywhere and at any time. Learning is done whenever possible, through language immersion. In this case FluentU is your perfect match. They use real world videos, music, interviews. You have a free trial option available. Nevertheless, you might feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of vocabulary that you will encounter on each session that you won’t properly learn for a long while.

Gamified courses.

If you need to keep on top of your progress and have proof that the new information is being absorbed, there are courses that resemble more a video game with levels to reach. They also grant points for each task successfully accomplished. In this category Duolingo is the winner. You have very short daily lessons, you are encouraged to keep a daily streak, you get prizes, and you’ll create a study habit. It is excellent for beginners but is irrelevant for intermediate learners.

Interactive courses.

In these courses the learning is done with authentic texts, videos, and immersion into the culture. This is how you get acquainted to new vocabulary and grammar structures. A lot of ground is covered: from the basic language lessons to more specialised vocabulary. A tutor will be your guide. In our online instruction at Speak-Fast-Languages, we share the learning responsibility with the student, and we are a facilitator. We favour learners’ autonomy and encourage them to share their preferences. We cultivate more our listening abilities to understand your requirements and be the instrument for their realisation.

We incorporate the coaching approach to our teaching.

When using different coaching techniques, it gives an extra layer of support and increases the efficacy of the language learning process in this context.

Structured classroom environment.

I must admit that some people thrive when they learn in the traditional way. If this is you, it might be a bit more difficult to find this model online. Look for a course that provides interactive lessons, speaking and writing exercises that can feed on cultural interaction. You should also consider- if your schedule is not a problem- to attend a college or a university course.

Busuu could also be a match. It has a free version which uses flashcards and corrections from native speakers. The language used can be too formal and less natural for my liking, though. They also promote the use of community forums where you can hold conversations with other learners.

Rosetta stone is also an option for those who like the traditional classroom setting, but can also be accessed on the go via their App. The program relies on vocabulary building.

As you can see, you must identify first the way you learn best to help you choose amongst the world of materials, courses, and programs the one that is right for you. Once done, consistency will be your ally in your language journey.

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