You have a language learning goal and you have converted it into a plan. You are genuinely excited; you have the confidence to start. Now how will you carry on until the language vision you forged for yourself becomes a reality?

Your WHY

First, your reasons for learning the language, your WHY, must be strong enough, important enough and relevant enough to keep you going. The outcome that you desire should be extremely clear and the reasons powerful. Most of all the pain of not reaching this goal should be excruciating. You do not only want to get what you desire, but the thought of failing and not crossing that finish line should be unbearable.

For example, your company is dealing with its counterpart in Japan. You are promised an important account that would mean a massive pay raise and constant travels to the country if you can improve your knowledge of Japanese. Here you have a lot at stake, because having this account would mean a big lifestyle change for you and your family as well as boosting your sense of accomplishment and worth. Failing at improving in the language-in this case- mean remaining stuck to the same job for a long while and this thought is unbearable. If so, the thought of the rewards will fuel you to keep going until successful.

Your motivation will be stronger the more reasons you give yourself for accomplishing something. Once your reasons are powerful, exciting, and relevant to you, you will start crafting the goals-as clear as possible- that will help reach them.

When your WHY is transformed in needs, you will become more resourceful in finding ways to make your big scary goals become a reality.

If you want to assess the validity of your WHY, ask yourself these three questions:

How compelling are your reasons to achieve your language vision?

How important are the benefits? Or What will you lose if you don’t succeed?

How willing are you to learn?

You need to dig deep inside and find the answers. Without a clear vision and a powerful reason there is no motivation.

Your reason must be personal, coming from the heart. This will give purpose to your actions and you will keep the course.


Your plan for getting what you desire must be well thought and strategic. You must believe you can achieve your goal and that you can implement your plan. You need to be realistic and have a down-to-earth approach. You must know what it really takes to accomplish your wish. This is the key to success.

In the previous example, you should analyse your current level in the Japanese language, and bearing in mind its degree of difficulty, you should be able to predict how long it will take you to get to the stage you desire. From there, you should be able to find the resources- time off your busy schedule, classes and/or tutors, books and other materials- to help you succeed. And when you meet obstacles, you will be fully equipped to find the pertinent solutions.

Your plan with goals and tasks will give you the HOW to transform your vision into a wonderful reality. As you see, it is impossible to do everything on your own, so you will have to surround yourself with the necessary people WHO will help you along the way.


Up to here, you have a clear, defined, and meaningful goal. You have established a comprehensible plan and strategies for transforming your vision into reality; now what you need is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, so to speak. You need to have a strong feeling that you can do it, you can execute your plan. You need to commit to make things happen.

You must find the time in your busy schedule, you ought to commit to your classes or to the Zoom meetings with the tutor, you need to find extra pockets of time for study and revision, and you must find a solution to every problem that presents itself along the way. There is a lot at stake.

You must cultivate a strong belief in your capabilities to learn and become the successful person you wish to be, have the confidence that change, and progress are possible. Believe in yourself, in this new, transformed person that is able to reach his/her objectives through learning and by being bold.

Never forget what is relevant to you. This will be your guiding light. You must step out of your comfort zone.

Whatever your language goal, you need to have a clear vision, you need to develop a plan, you need to implement a strategy and tasks that can help you get where you want to be, and you must strongly believe that you can implement this plan.

You will become more confident through your actions. The best time to start learning is now. Good luck on your journey.

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