If you're interested in finding out the planning secrets that will help you smash your 2019 language learning goals, join me in this 5-Day Challenge: Build An Effective Language Learning Plan for success.

In this free challenge

You’re going to analyse:

  • The reasons why you haven’t met your language goals yet.
  • Your past experiences and find out what stopped you.
  • Ways to avoid these obstacles.
  • And identify the necessary skills, abilities and resources for you to succeed.

You will learn about a goal setting system that will put you on the success track for 2019.

You will get familiar with how mindset change and visualisation exercises can make you hit your goals.

You will finish the challenge with a clear vision of your ultimate language goal and how to reach it.


Join me in this 5-day Challenge!.

5 day challenge Build an effective language learning plan for success