Our world is changing fast right before our eyes, and the solid ground is crumbling under our feet. It is understandable that you feel lost, anxious and unaware what tomorrow will bring. These changes are going at a fast pace and it is hard to keep up with the events happening around us. Although painful and difficult, we are witnessing the birth of a brand-new world.

The question is now, what can we do to cope and not give up?

The first and most important thing is for you to remind yourself of your vision for your life, your work or business, your future.

Let’s define vision.

In the dictionary, vision is defined as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

You need to go back to these big dreams you forged for yourself, these dreams that have been propelling you throughout your life to where you are now. Covid-19 has not crushed them. They are still in you, timid, afraid looking for reassurance. You must lead the way. Some pivoting and readjustment might be necessary, but your overall motivation should remain strong, unbreakable, invincible.

The right mindset will help you. You should see the whole situation as a setback not a total rendition. You should not focus only on the negative emotions triggered by the news, you should allow yourself to analyse and see things as they are and not what they might appear to be, instead.

You should remain calm. This will let you get more clarity about the situation and the different ways you might be able to address it. On the other hand, if you are a boss, a business owner or have a family, you will also have a positive effect on others. Worrying won’t solve the problem and will lead to panic, anxiety and poor decisions.

No one wishes to be in social isolation, but you must make the situation as manageable as possible.

I get it, having the children at home, making sure the lessons and homework are done, dealing with your spouse working from home as well, and having to share the home office and every other area in the house, must feel stressful.

You must learn to strategise and have a day-to-day approach in keeping your emotions, tactics, activities in check and on track. Focus on today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

See this extra time of home-staying as an opportunity to learn, correct and improve, an opportunity to tighten the bonds with your family, a chance to spend some time studying this language you’ve been wanting to speak for years. Take this time of isolation as the step that will prepare you for success once over.

See the positive in every setback

Working from home in this situation minimises the spreading of the virus and helps you, your family and the wider world to stay safe. On the other hand, you have more time for self-care and looking after the well-being of your loved ones, as you do not have to commute.

You can keep in contact with work colleagues, friends and family via social media,Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp or Messenger. Physical distancing does not necessary mean being alone or feeling lonely. You can still build meaningful connections that will be useful when all this is over.

Establish some boundaries.

Make your family aware of the time you will spend working and ask for their support. Stick to your schedule but remember to stop when the time has come to completion. You should clearly differentiate between “working hours” and down time with your family as they surely will demand your attention.

Establish a morning routine (if you didn’t have one already) and include in it meditation. This will give structure to your life, create a new habit and benefit your health and well-being.

Gentle exercise will also keep you physically and emotionally stable and will also help you keep focused when you sit down to work.

Include visualisations in your morning routine. Visualisations is about self-improvement.

Visualisation provides strength and courage when faced with daunting tasks. Visualisation triggers hormones and enhance synaptic connections in your brain that make it easier to achieve goals.

Visualisation neutralises negativity. More than ever you need some positivity in your life.

Yes, it will be hard to challenge your new reality, no one doubt this, but with a positive attitude you will feel more able to accomplish the necessary changes to win your life back.

During a visualisation session you get to experience your dream life no matter your external circumstances. It’s the best way to quieten this negative voice inside of you telling you that this covy-19 is the apocalypse.

Visualisation encourages purpose. When we lose hope, we lose so much. With visualisation you develop self-beliefs that will help you create the fulfilling life you’re after, no matter what.

You can do it at anytime of the day or night and it does not have to take long.

Have you wondered whether this worldwide crisis is a call to push humanity to grow better abilities and to become greater in defeating adversity for a greater good?

"Let this setback harvest the best in you, in me and in the whole world."

G. Vincent-Bancroft


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