Any new endeavour requires a certain amount of courage to help us achieve it, and learning a new language is not the exception.

You must “learn how to face uncertainty by relying on [Your] inner strengths and abilities”.

You might be puzzled right now and wonder if you read right. Yes, let me repeat it for you: you need courage to learn a new language and here are the reasons why.

  • Your mind is made up, to learn a new language. You just don’t know where to start. There are an immense variety of materials out there, infinite numbers of language books advocating different methods, an endless pool of free or paid online resources, and every single one pointed out that they are the best. Let’s not forget the college and university courses. You’re standing there, ignoring what to do, which way to go. After a long deliberation you made your mind up and chose one method of teaching, one way the class would be delivered. As the weeks go by, it takes courage to stick to your first decision and carry on studying. Most language learners jump from courses to courses when they don’t get the quick results they were hoping for, most of the time because their expectations were unrealistic. They think that these new courses will help them learn faster, within a brief period, they hope that they will have a better grasp of the language by switching methods.They get more disappointed and then, they either abandon their dream, or keep accumulating courses and books that are hardly ever used.
  • It takes courage to realise that learning a language takes time, motivation, dedication and the belief that the fulfilment of one’s dream is achievable if you invest your time studying and practising what you’ve just learned.
  • Starting to speak in a new language is certainly terrifying for most. Insecurity creeps in, and I’m sure you’ve experienced at least once the “speaking paralysis” where you feel completely unable to utter any coherent sentence in your target language and everything you’ve learned appears to have been erased from your memory. You’re so nervous that you’re unable to understand a word the person in front of you is saying.
  • Learning a new language is also discovering new cultures and unusual ways of thinking. It takes courage to face some things that might make you feel uncomfortable at times and embrace diversity.
  • The journey is not a walk in the park. It has its ups and downs. There are times where you feel you’re not progressing, some other times where the grammar structures seem impossible to comprehend, or there are too many unfamiliar words to remember. Let’s not forget that the time to study can be proven difficult to find as well. It takes courage to jump from one obstacle to another and overcome them each time and carry on.

So, it takes courage to start speaking from the beginning and step out of your comfort zone, especially when you travel abroad. To start interaction with the natives and let go of the fear of making mistakes, or being ridiculed for you funny accent, takes lots of courage.

You must “learn how to face uncertainty by relying on [Your] inner strengths and abilities”.

The best language learners take risks and are not afraid to make mistakes, they, have real expectations, they persevere, all they care about is to communicate in their target language; and this is courage, my friend.

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