We've seen previously a shift in the reasons why most university students learn a language, and the majority think that mastering a new tongue will improve the possibility to land better jobs opportunities. They seem to be right, but still remains the questions of what language should they study, and is every language valued the same?

Knowing a second language (no matter which one) is a great asset that makes your CV stand-out, and increases your chance of getting the job; but some languages, in terms of employers demand, seem to attract higher salaries.

A research made by ADZUNA (a search engine company for job posting) in 2016 in the USA and in the UK revealed a surprising result for the language which is at number 1 of the highest paid job in both Continents and it was German. Why would you ask and you're not alone.

German is one of the three languages used every day in the EU organisations and is the official language in six countries. Its number 1 place in the UK was attributed to the fact that Germany is Britain's biggest trade partner and has strong financial and business links with the UK, German was not only associated with the highest paid job, but also it was the highest language in demand.

The highest paid languages in the UK and the USA in 2016/2017 - Source: ADZUNA

In the USA Japanese was at number 2 in the best paid jobs, while in the UK the prize went to Arabic. There were 1 113 jobs available for those who spoke Arabic and English.

French occupied the Number 3 in both Continents. French is a key international language with official status in 29 countries as well as in international organisations. There were 6 149 jobs available for those who can speak French and this is attributed to the close ties between France and the UK.

As a matter of interest in the UK Dutch was at number 4 followed by Spanish at number 5. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and it allows you to work and communicate with people in Europe, the USA and South America.

In 2017, the leader-board changed in the UK. German who was the highest paying language dropped to fourth place although it remained the language with most job opportunities.

Japanese was the number 1 followed by Chinese at number 2 and French stood its ground at number 3. According to Doug Monro, co-founder of ADZUNA , this shift is due to the announcement that Britain would leave the EU and employers are looking for options outside the EU.

As you can see learning a language should not be considered just as a hobby, or the task of learning a few words just to get by during a planned holiday.It's an investment in your future because it opens a vast array of possibilities of success in your career. It goes without saying that just knowing a language is not enough, you've got to master other skills in demand in the market.

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