The summer holidays are over, the children are going back to school.

It's an appropriate time to talk about the multiple advantages they can reap by learning a new language.

* The first benefit is that they become smarter.

Speaking another language improves the brain functions. They must recognise unfamiliar words, remember new meanings, communicate in a different language pattern. This kind of training helps them solve problems in other areas as well. It is shown in numerous studies that the children learning a language perform better at Maths compared with their peers who don't.

* Their memory improves.

It is understandable because they must retain new vocabulary, as well as new grammar rules and this exercise boosts their overall memory.

*They Become more observant

Multilingual children are better at detecting what goes on around them. They tend to focus more on what's important to them and they discard the informations that are useless.

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* They are better at taking decisions.

Compared with monolingual children, the Multilingual ones take more decisions based on logic. They tend to analyse their options and predict different outcomes. They appear to be more satisfied with their selection.

* It boosts their creativity.

They tend to play around with novel words and phrases using them in different contexts.

* They have a better self-esteem.

Learning and mastering a new skill makes them more confident. They have a more positive view of the world they live in.

In case you were Wondering, it is fair to say that adults who take on language learning can have the same benefits, if they are consistent, no matter their age.

If these are not enough reasons to encourage your child to learn a second language, stay tuned for part II where we will be enlisting more advantages.

P.s: Is your child learning a foreign language? Did you learn a foreign language when you were young? What do you think about these premises? Do you agree? Please leave a comment below.

This blog is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy( DOWNLOAD)